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Fully FAA Certified

Aerial Focused provides high resolution aerial photography and ultra high definition aerial videography for far less than the cost of simply fueling a manned aircraft.

Our motion stabilized camera gimbals allow us vibration free imaging even in windy conditions.

Unlike traditional aircraft, which must maintain an altitude above 500 feet, we can get much lower and closer to our subjects, allowing more detail than ever before. Also, due to the nature of multirotor "drone" design, we can easily hover in place instead of making multiple passes, as with traditional fixed wing airplanes.

We are very familiar with all FAA safety regulations regarding sUAVs (small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and will follow those rules to ensure the safety of any people or equipment in the area of operation.

With a background in commercial avionics and remote control aircraft, we are able to repair most systems on site, should any unforeseen events occur.

As experienced photographers and filmmakers, we understand how to capture incredible views. Our unique blend of technical prowess and artistic ability allows us to soar above the competition.

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Aerial Focused is a proud member of Air Bears: Search and Rescue, an international organization of volunteer drone pilots who assist authorities in times of need. Visit www.airbears.org for more information.

We are skilled, we are passionate, we are Aerial Focused.

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We can supply you with Hi Definition or Ultra Hi Definition aerial footage or we can edit it down for you. We have a full editing suite inhouse and many years of filmmaking experience.

We can also deliver hi resolution, print ready, photos or we can print them for you. Just let us know how big you want to go.
With Aerial Focused, the sky is no longer the limit!


In addition to shooting aerial video and photos, we love flying and building Radio Control (RC) quadcopters as well as other types of aircraft.

We will be doing a lot of flying as the weather improves so we'll be adding much more soon! Here is a small sample of things to come.

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Address:5986 State Route 82, Hiram, Ohio 44234